26 November 2021

Artist jewelry, Mathias Kiss x Dangleterre

Together with Mathias Kiss, Ségolène Dangleterre has created three pieces of jewelry. Two square bronze rings, layered and shaped like a cornice. But a cornice with a difference: this one is deconstructed, broken with right angles, and extends over two fingers. It is reminiscent of Mathias Kiss’s “90 Degrees” installation at the Palais de Tokyo: like snakes, the cornices emerged from the ceiling, broke off, and extended to the floor. “We had to adapt to the constraints of miniaturization, so the cornice is devoid of any ornamentation, without acanthus leaves or scrolls. And there’s no stone,” says Ségolène Dangleterre. These “90 Degrees” artist pieces are numbered and produced in limited series, and bear Mathias Kiss’ name.


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Photo  © Numéro – Photography @jair_sfez Styling @joysinanian Editor @timiletonja

  • Mathias Kiss x Dangleterre - "90 Degrés" rings in silver

  • Mathias Kiss x Dangleterre - "90 Degrés" rings in bronze

  • Mathias Kiss x Dangleterre - "90 Degrés" rings in bronze

  • Mathias Kiss x Dangleterre - "90 Degrés" rings in silver and bronze

  • Mathias Kiss x Dangleterre - Mathias Kiss x Dangleterre - "90 Degrés" rings in silver © Numéro Photography @jair_sfez Styling @joysinanian Editor @timiletonja

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