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22 February 2022

Where to get your jewelry repaired?

Petit Monsieur

What an excellent idea! With her own workshop where she makes 100% of her jewelry, Nadia Azoug, founder of the cute brand Monsieur Paris, has decided to launch a repair service, called Petit Monsieur. No more need to regretfully hide away your faulty jewelry in a box: from now on, you know who to entrust with the wedding ring that’s missing a micro-stone (from €20 for a setting), the dented or scratched gold ring, your engagement ring that’s too big for your finger (from €35 for a reduction in size) or even the medal that’s been tarnished by time (from €45 for gilding). Just about anything is possible, although the ofer doesn’t apply to costume jewelry and jewelry from the great houses, as that would invalidate the guarantee. How come no one thought of this before?


Les Trouvailles d’Elsa

Has your gold-plated jewelry lost its shine over time? Elsa Madjar, designer and founder of the boutique Les Trouvailles d’Elsa, provides a gilding service that’s rarely offered to private individuals. Each piece is dipped in a 24-carat gold bath for 20 minutes in order to restore its micro layer of around 3 microns. This technique can also be applied to a brass or silver jewel that you’d like to “upgrade”. Note that it does not work on jewelry with a stone, or on stainless steel jewelry. The gilding sessions take place every Friday, from 35 euros for a ring.


Banner image Petit Monsieur © Julie Carretier Cohen

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